Thursday, November 3, 2011

Paint By Number

I was recently in an office that had a collection of paint by numbers tastefully hung, nearly covering one wall,with a few others scattered here and there. I asked if they were painted by herself, "oh no, she said, I scour thrift stores for old 1950's paint by numbers." They were all in different frames, and there was something I loved about it.

I read up on the 1950's paint by number craze. It's very interesting, there is actually an on-line paint by number museum. 1950's critics proclaimed this was not art, but people were proudly displaying them in their homes.

I just love how they make me feel. I've looked up modern paint by number kits, and found some I really like. I just may give it a shot at covering one of my own walls with several of these. They even have "masterpieces" you can paint!

and this...this is simply beautiful to me~(The Avenue of Trees in the rain below)

thinking of ordering the kit from

I think I've found a new hobby, and I hope I've introduced you to something new too!


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