Monday, March 10, 2014

I have read the Hermetica
I have searched under every rock
embraced other universes
in my mind

I have questioned
found answers
questioned again
found other answers
yet still I am searching

The spirituality of my childhood
the innocent acceptance
the want with all my being
to be in favor with him
that we call God
the prayers, the friend
who they say is always with you

Standing to hear
Yahweh, I know you are near
in a Catholic church
with my family
as a child
where after communion
my father would kneel down
and put his head in his hands
was always a moving and comforting

Perhaps right now
it is better
to revisit the spirituality
of my childhood
the secret one I had in my soul
that was fed by complete
belief, acceptance
and a face of God
that was a father
and a close friend.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Definition of Bless: To make holy by religious rite; sanctify. To make the sign of the cross over so as to sanctify. To invoke divine favor upon. To honor as holy; glorify. Bless the Lord. To confer well-being or prosperity on. To endow, as with talent. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ego, I bless you workday, I bless you Fear, I bless you The Unknown, I bless you Life Process, I bless you. Blessing can be a message of I bless you, I release you to your highest good. I trust in God’s plan. To bless someone rather then hold resentment, anger, disdain.... Is holy. It releases you, it releases them. This is my new prayer. This is my new coping mechanism. This is letting go and trusting. ~Jenny