Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Letting It Go

The word is release. It's a wonderful word, for so many things. I was just reading an article about a spiritual woman who helps people loose weight by getting in touch with the real issues. At the bottom she has a picture of herself that was taken after, she says, she "released" 50 pounds, not LOST, RELEASED! I love it. I have a few pounds to RELEASE. I RELEASE YOU pounds, your free!

Seriously, if you really look at it, the things we need to "stop" doing in our lives, do not need to be seen as some sort of confinement or giving up of something or going without. We can simply look at it as releasing the things that make us feel bad or hold us back, or cost us our happiness.

This is my new Mantra. I want to release myself from some weight, I want to release the weight and the issues that are a part of it. I want to release people, resentments, judgments. It sounds so much more beautiful that way, and much more of a happy, loving endeavor~to set these things FREE. To set yourself FREE.


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