Thursday, June 13, 2013


Yesterday after work I took a sudden detour to Hobby Lobby. I have a wreath I am working on that I wanted to get black spray paint for. My boyfriend had tried calling me several times, but I didn't hear my phone. I was too engrossed in looking at everything, dreaming and scheming my next projects, disciplining myself that no I cannot buy that now, I am here for the spray paint and card stock only for the necklaces I am about to make. I believe I am a craftaholic lately. I can't stop creating things, and it feels good. It feels good that he could not reach me because I was lost in the craft store, and not like in the past when I would occasionally take the impromptu trip to the bar with a friend after work and disappear for hours. I felt bad, but I imagine he is relieved now too. The necklace supplies are on their way in the mail. These are something I have thought of making and selling on etsy for so long, now I am doing it! But in baby steps and with the intention that this is just a hobby for now, so that I enjoy the process, and whatever result it may bring. So I can say, I am doing this with my life, instead of the old monotonous answer, oh I've just been working. When I work on my crafts, I find that I am forgetting it is a weeknight. It makes me have something to look forward to, and the possibilities are endless. I feel like I am home now. I always used to have a mantra no matter where I lived that "I just want to go home" but the homes at that time were not Home. This is home, and the result is I can relax now and start focusing on what I want in life and go about creating that. I am settled in the important areas in my life~and so there is less drama and problems to take up my energy. It's safe now, I have a space now inside and out to do this. I am keeping myself awake at night with ideas, and it's wonderful. Can't wait to see what I will think up and make next. ~Jenny

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