Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy 8-11-11

11 is the number of angels. 11 is the number of awakening. 11 is the number of "we are with you right now." 11 is the number of divine love. 11 is a secret~when paired with another 11, 11:11, a code we had forgotten. Do you see 11:11 often? On clocks or anywhere else? I often see 11:11 corresponding to a spiritual thought or realization in life. I feel the angels near and often see a spark of light to accompany this. Sometimes it is blue, sometimes it is white. 11:11 may be our destiny, and when it comes time, we may perfectly understand it's meaning and reason. It is a loving and flashing reminder of who we really are, and why we are really here.

~Jennifer Miller

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