Saturday, August 2, 2014

THE truth & YOUR truth

I recently left a job with a New Age organization I have worked at most of my adult life.  I did not start working there because I was a member, I had just simply answered an ad in the paper in my twenties and needed a job.  Needless to say, there were times during that 17 years that I “drank the Koolaid.” And at the time, it was delicious. It brought me out of reality. It was like a drug.

In all that time, I never saw one miracle.  I witnessed countless people struggling with their lives and the same old problems for years.  Not solving anything or moving forward to a happy or healthier place. In fact, I would say, it did the opposite.  I saw many slip further in a disconnection with the world, with themselves, with sanity.  I saw my own sanity slipping at times. Especially towards the end when I became increasingly convicted in my heart that what we were doing there…was wrong.

We began to ask for more and more money to stay open, cause, after all, the world needed this organization to exist or all would be shot to hell on earth, people would be lost and wandering in their lives.  In this time of economic struggle for so many, it was wrong to ask people to continue to send money in for this farce. To pay for something that is free to us all, the search for truth.

And THE truth, I believe, is unknowable to us as long as we have a body. We may never know THE TRUTH while we are here. We may only be able to discover our truth. There are libraries of books, and today we have the internet to do our own research, an endless source of information, with you as your own teacher.

I have never known anyone with super-human powers. And that’s just what these new age organizations claim, their leaders have some type of super-human power, so you should believe them, give them money.  I recently read, that if you want to know if someone is truly on a path of enlightenment, or has some special connection with God, look at their lives. There in lies your answer.

And the lives I saw of many teachers, one in particular, while alive, had used money from the organization to live a lavish lifestyle, with drivers and housekeepers on the organizations payroll. I do not think this was common knowledge to the members.  They asked members for donations to purchase a million dollar property in the 80’s, and in my opinion, mismanaged funds and lived extravagantly, thus being forced to sell the property a decade later. What happened to the millions of dollars that were donated? Useless, gone.

Within the walls of the building I worked in there was increasing toxicity, insanity, an absence of logic. I had to escape all that. I was just as guilty. I was collecting a salary off this shit and could no longer hold to my principles and self respect, or respect for others and continue to do so. I could no longer even just go through the motions and play the game. The whole environment was slowly chipping away at me physically, mentally and emotionally.

So remember. Enlightenment does not cost a thing. Spiritual exploration and deepening your relationship with God does not cost a thing. Your money and energy would be better spent on tangible help to organizations that do things like feed the homeless, bring water wells to villages, anything that will improve the daily lives of human beings. Not donating to some organization whose founder and leader claimed to have super human powers, with etheric masters about as real as cartoon characters that you can call on for help and send donations into with a prayer written out to them. Last time I checked, Fred Flintstone has no power to make your life better, answer your prayers, or fix your shit, because he’s not real, he’s a character someone thought up.

~Jenny Miller






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